Book News


My friend Joanne gave me this cutting more than a year ago. Little did she know that it would be so accurate. Many drafts and edits later Under a Greek Spell is now in the Matador system and won’t be allowed out until it’s in the format of a book.

Since the last blog there have been a few tweaks regarding copyright as no author wants to be facing a lawsuit for breach of copyright.

I’ve produced an Advance Information sheet which tells retailers about the story.  So everything crossed for a retailer to spot it amongst the thousands of others and decides to stock my book. (I’m looking for good planet alignment here – right place, right time 🤩) Perhaps I should have consulted with Russell Grant before I sent it.

I’ve also written an ‘Author Bio’ which is the bit that goes in the front of the book. It’s very short 😂.

One of the biggest decisions has been regarding pricing, with mind-boggling facts and figures regarding commissions deducted and profit margins. That subject could lend itself to a whole blog in its own right 😴

The next decision will be font size and style. Matador will produce the first 20 pages in their suggested format which will be awesome 😵