💕 17.6.1989 💕


💖Remembering Martin 💖

I can’t believe this was 27 years ago. Such a wonderful happy day – although Martin was dreading his speech.  It wasn’t too bad – I think Mark nudged him with a couple of reminders.

It was a rather warm day. The horseshoe shaped cake melted in the heat and we had to rescue it for the obligatory cake cutting before it collapsed. Other than that and my dress getting ripped at the bottom it was perfect 🙀


When more is too much…….


The alarm bells should have rung when I asked Debbie if she’d like to come to the Ken Dodd show and she replied ‘I haven’t got over the last show yet!’ – which was at least 2  years ago.

Maybe some would view it as a ‘good value for money’ show running from 7.15pm to midnight. For us, our poor neighbours and most of the row in front of us that did’t even make it to the interval it was too much.

There was heckling in the second half from a woman demanding to know when Ken would be back on – ‘I’ve paid £22.50 to see Ken,’ she shouted from the gods. I felt like shouting ‘I’ll pay another £22.50 to keep him off for longer but he returned for a gruelling second half which had Phil nodding off and Chris getting increasingly uncomfortable in his seat.

I’m not even sure when Ken played his ‘Happiness’ song at midnight if it was the end of the show as we sadly fled.

So while he did raise a few laughs, for me happiness would have been a much shorter show 😴