Structural Editing



For some reason I’ve been telling people that I’ve sent my book to a structural engineer. Of course, if I had to send it in its raw format as sheets of A4 paper this would be true. Thank goodness for technology so that I could send it as an attachment. Unbelievably there are still companies that would prefer the manuscript sent as paper but thankfully Fiction Feedback who I’m using are happy to use emails and attachments.

After chatting with various people and researching on the internet I’ll probably go down the self publishing route. I’ve written my book using Scrivener software and I could just press a button and it could be on Amazon in about a week. The book would then have no editing or proof-reading and after watching the top 6 mistakes that people who self publish make by a Texan in Tokyo (she’s rather funny) I decided to address some potential pitfalls. Number 1 is refusing to hire a structural editor so that’s where I’m up to. It will take 5 – 6 weeks for this process. My editor is American, so I’m really hoping that she likes the story and appreciates my English sense of humour.