Goodbye 101


In the same week that I parted with Brooke, my neighbour parted with his beloved Land Rover 101 – A head turner but for different reasons as I discovered in its final run out.

Big – I had to haul myself into the 101 via the wheel hubs

Loud – we had to shout to each other to be heard, especially to our passengers, and clunky – the gear changes were – well let’s just say we knew when we were changing gear.

So basically the complete opposite to the Aston. Ok, the Aston was loud but to many it was music to their ears.

Mitzie (my cat) loved the 101 because she could sneak in it for a catnap. Phil almost drove off with her on board once, but luckily he checked and found her curled up asleep. So from now on Mitzie will just have to make do with the shed!