Boogie Nights @MarpleHall School

I was privileged to watch the @MarpleHall School production of Boogie Nights last week. The whole show was, as Craig Revel Horwood would say ‘Fab-u-lous’.

Everything was done in such a professional way, it felt like I was watching a show in The West End. The five months of preparation and rehearsals made for a fantastic evening of 1970’s nostalgia. For a couple of hours I was transported back to those carefree days of my childhood, listening to favourites like I will Survive, Boogie Wonderland and Celebration. The rendition of YMCA was particularly funny and something we could all participate in. Apart from the fantastic costumes, props, acting and dancing there was a brilliant band  who played the full score for the show, led by their year 11 student Ben Collyer. This great show was made possible by some very dedicated staff and dedicated enthusiastic students and I shall look forward to watching their next production.


Well almost finished…….

Jen (Miss Cracker – we had to drop ‘whip’ after she sent photos of whips to her hubby instead of me) appeared as promised with the ‘book’ on Wednesday. Just a few tweaks required and a small bit of editing on a bit of the story that I thought might get past her (no such luck). So that will keep me busy for at least a week. She also studied the synopses (long & short version) and returned them in pristine condition with no comment.

Chris however has since looked at them and returned them looking like they’ve done a circuit round the kitchen floor with questions and observations. Of course he’s not been allowed to read the book yet so can’t fill in the ‘gaps’ so a bit of tweaking required here as well.

Then there’s the query letter. It’s probably the most important part of the process. It has to demand attention and create intrigue so I’ll tackle that for a third time later – after lunch…………IMG_2436


The book is finished………

‘Thank goodness for that’ my close friends and family cry – especially Chris who comes home from a full day at work to find me slumped over the computer declaring that I’ve been busy all day. Luckily he’s a brilliant cook otherwise we’d have the local takeaways on speed dial.

There’s been months of writing and many people have played a part in this amazing journey so a HUGE – Thank you to you all.

I’d like to especially mention Sandra (The Grammar Queen) who has spent hours correcting my heinous grammar and punctuation. I know one of these days I should embark on some sort of English grammar course.

Also thanks to Lily Newman and the Tuesday Club girls for all their encouragement in the last two years ( Lily our mentor has kept me focused on writing and achieving my goal of finishing Under A Greek Spell.

There is also Jen (Miss Whip Cracker) don’t ask – another story, who has nudged me along each week and read the book in its raw A4 217 page format. She’s on her way now with it – probably pulling it on a sledge.

So you’d expect me to be running around like a kid in a sweetshop with a £20 budget. I’ve since found out there is quite a lot of hard work to do just yet to get the book to an agent. Then as Milly Johnson the novelist points out ‘getting a book deal is not the top of Everest, it’s base camp’.

So as I’ve not even got the book published I will resume my position at the base of South Head standing at 494 m (1621 ft) and dream of Everest at 8,848 m (29,029 ft)