My self publishing journey begins with the manuscript submission


I did briefly feel like having a party to celebrate this milestone event but then realised I’ve now got quite a lot of things to do before I can crack open a bottle of champagne.

I started writing my first novel Under a Greek Spell in July 2013 and yesterday I finally sent the manuscript to be self published with Troubador Publishing Ltd.

I have been on an incredible journey which is in itself a topic to write about another day. For now though the manuscript is on the final part of its journey. In spring next year if all goes to plan it will be a book.

The learning curve for writing the book has been more like a vertical line and I will share some of these experiences with you over the coming months.

As things like the book cover evolve I will be able to share these as well. For now I’ve purchased the above clip art image (vector) from as my pile of books image didn’t look very inspiring or professional. If I had some 21st century computer skills I could have rotated the title of my book on to one of the books on the shelf but as I haven’t the book title on the wall will have to do 😂