Book News!


It’s the 11th of January already and I haven’t been doing a very good job of posting blogs about my book but hopefully I’ll redeem myself in the coming weeks 😀

Since submitting the manuscript in September I’ve had loads of decisions to make. Choosing font styles and sizes, page sizes, whether I want running heads, fonts for the running heads, the front cover (to be revealed very soon) and now the proof-readers returned manuscript shown above.

As I’ve said from the beginning this whole process has been a steep learning curve (i.e vertical line😂). The proof-read standard used on my book is BS 5261 part 2. Knowing such a thing existed could have saved me hours as I messed about with spaces around my ellipses …lol

So the photo above is how a 300 page novel looks. It’s almost ready to be posted back with my approval of the proof-readers alterations plus some of my own. Hopefully I haven’t gone overboard otherwise the typesetters will be sending me an invoice for the extra work incurred to set it out again 🤑


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