Remember Remember the whole of November……..

As many of you know November is going to be a busy month for me with mixed emotions.

Today Chris and I are celebrating our 2nd Anniversary. Yes it was two years ago when Chris took me at my word, that I ‘enjoyed walking’ and we went for a hike, sorry stroll round Lyme Park – thank goodness it wasn’t Kinder Scout or else I don’t think I’d be writing this………

After me dropping several hints a card was left on the side this morning – It said ‘Wishing a lovely couple a wonderful day’ – oh well, it’s the thought that counts. I would be having a lovely day if I wasn’t full of a cold and our first anniversary last year was spent in Paris which was very romantic 💞

We’ve had an amazing two years that have absolutely flown by. It’s already 6 months since Chris proposed which seemed to have escaped the radar of some friends (i.e the people that Chris was meant to tell) as we received a lovely engagement card on Saturday night 😂

So for those of you who missed this the first time round our first photo just after the proposal of marriage after Chris has calmed down


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